• Agriculture and forestry

    Agriculture and forestry

    Farming is one of the oldest human activities, thus a pivotal business. It comprises the cultivation of crops,for Read More
  • Cement industry

    Cement industry

    Tightly related to steel, cement is another key material in the industry with a global production around 4,000 Read More
  • Energy


    In power plants, large quantities of bulk material are handled and components are exposed to high abrasion. Unless Read More
  • Metal industry

    Metal industry

    Metal industry is, following mining, the next step in the process from raw materials to final products. 1,600 Read More
  • Mine and quarry

    Mine and quarry

    Mining is one of the oldest industries on earth and a most essential one. This primary industry provides Read More
  • Recycling


    From metal to wood, plastic to glass, the spectrum of Abraservice know-how in recycling is as broad as Read More
  • Yellow goods

    Yellow goods

    Yellow goods can be broken down into a variety of equipment: construction & deconstruction sites, railway industry, handling, harbor Read More
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