Abratube 600

Induction hardened pipe with a hard inner surface. Tapering to tough ductile surface.


Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
6000 and 12000 80 - 500

General description

In order to solve the various wear phenomena caused by the handling of different aggressive bulk materials, diverse solutions have been proposed to the market. Nevertheless many of these solutions have some limitations when considering
processing and fabrication and also from a commercial point of view. ABRATUBE 600 was developed to offer a compromise between technical & commercial requirements, as well as being a relatively easy solution to work with.

ABRATUBE 600 is manufactured from steel pipe with a hardenable chemistry. The induction hardening process results in a monolithic pipe with outstanding inner abrasion resistance and tapering hardness profile to an outer wall resistant to impact.
The internal diameter hardens to 600 HB, with the external diameter being 250/300 HB.

ABRATUBE 600 dual-phase structure greatly facilitates the handling process when in operation, whilst its strength practically eliminates the risk of damage during transportation, fabrication and installation, as can happen with cast iron pipes.

ABRATUBE 600 pipes are available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses along with corresponding flanges and accessories.

ABRATUBE 600 typically has a wear life of 3 to 9 times that of mild steel pipe.

ABRATUBE 600 offers an excellent technical & commercial compromise. With its excellent fabrication & processing ability, it offers many advantages when compared with cast pipe monobloc or pipe internally overlay with cast iron (Cr).

ABRATUBE 600 counter to PVC can be used in circuit submitted to pressure as a temperature of < 200 °C.

ABRATUBE 600 thank to his monobloc structure offers advantage in term of wear evolution follow up with ultrasonic tester easy and reliable.

ABRATUBE 600 offers not only an excellent internal wear resistance, it can be cut and welded during fabrication which also allows easy maintenance repairs.

Fields of application

  •  Electrical coal fire power plant; bulk handling of slurry, flying ash, bottom ash, vegetable refuse…
  •  Mines & calcination plants dealing with various minerals; phosphate, clinker, bauxite, alumina, rock wool…
  •  Dredging & bulk handling; slurry, bulk hydraulic transport of stone sand and gravel…
  •  Pneumatic transport of various particles; recycling of foundry sand, wood chips, ash from waste incineration, dust…