Steel plate overlaid by bulk welding

Duretal 45 is a mild steel plate which has been overlaid by bulk welding, sometimes known as cast welding, using an electric arc welding process. The plate is clad with a layer of chromium carbide alloy consisting of very hard carbides in a matrix of iron. It is especially suitable in applications of high stress severe abrasion combined with moderate impact and heat resistance. The plate can be cut, formed, rolled and welded into most shapes.


Thicknesses (mm) Formats (mm)
5 + 3
6 + 4
8 + 5
10 + 9
1 250 × 2 500
1 500 × 3 000
2 000 × 3 000


Type of alloy

Iron based + High Chromium iron.


Hyper-Eutectic with Mn7 Cr3 primary chromium carbides in an austenitic eutectic matrix.


Cracks are present in large numbers and are evenly distributed in the overlay generally at right angles to the direction of welding. The cracks do not penetrate into the base plate.

Abrasion resistance

Excellent. This product offers a wear life of 6 to 8 times longer than that of a typical through hardened 400 Brinell plate.

Temperature resistance

Will retain hardness and wear resistance up to 450 °C (840 °F).


Not possible except by grinding or electro erosion.


Only possible by plasma, laser and water jet high pressure with added abrasives.

Chemical composition

Typical values (weight %).

× C Mn Cr Others Fe
Single layer 4.5 2.2 32 1 Balance
Second layer 4.3 2.1 31 1 Balance

Hardness is obtained between 60 and 62 HRc. This is an average value taken on the prepared ground surface of the overlay.

Chemical analysis is measured using Optical Emission Spectroscopy.

The normal matrix will contain a chromium carbide volume percentage of between 35 and 40 %.